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Nancy "The Plant Lady" Morrow creates beautiful terrariums that bring the tranquil, relaxing world of nature into your home. 

We're excited to have Nancy join us in the Clubhouse for a special Sunday Workshop to share her love of plants and terrariums. She creates beautiful terrariums that bring the tranquil, relaxing world of nature into your home. 

Nancy is going to show us how to make one of our very own. She will also share some tips on their care and maintenance. We will provide the glassware, rocks, and soil for your terrarium. We will also provide one plant to get your mini-verse started. But don't despair if you are looking for a lush jungle look, Nancy will have some additional plants that are suitable for terrariums on hand for you to purchase.

You must register by July 26 to attend this workshop. 


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  • June 6 - Cyanotypes!

    June 6 - Cyanotypes!


    This week we will be coating fabric with light sensitive emulsion and exposing the fabric with our glowing fancy glowing fireball in the sky.  Bring some objects to create your collage - solid objects, lace, leaves, and cut paper shapes are super fun, but a little translucency can be fun too!

    Reserve your seats today!

  • September 21 - Mirror Mosaics!

    September 21 - Mirror Mosaics!


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    MJ is going to share a bunch of tips and tricks for creating beautiful and durable mosaic pieces. Your finished project will be approximately 10X12 inches. 

    Reserve your seat today!

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