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Build a World: Terrariums

Nancy "The Plant Lady" Morrow creates beautiful terrariums that bring the tranquil, relaxing world of nature into your home. 

We're excited to have Nancy join us in the Clubhouse for a special Sunday Workshop to share her love of plants and terrariums. She creates beautiful terrariums that bring the tranquil, relaxing world of nature into your home. 

Nancy is going to show us how to make one of our very own. She will also share some tips on their care and maintenance. We will provide the glassware, rocks, and soil for your terrarium. We will also provide one plant to get your mini-verse started. But don't despair if you are looking for a lush jungle look, Nancy will have some additional plants that are suitable for terrariums on hand for you to purchase.

You must register by July 26 to attend this workshop. 


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  • January 12 - Make A Merit Badge!

    January 12 - Make A Merit Badge!


    You don't need to be a scout to earn an awesome patch.  This week in the Clubhouse we're going to be making merit badges.  We'll be learning some simple embroidery as we create badges to celebrate your unique talents!

    Reserve your seat now!

  • December 13 - Broad Avenue Bingo!

    December 13 - Broad Avenue Bingo!


    Please join us in welcoming our new Broad Avenue Bingo host Katrina Coleman for her inaugural ball-reading exposition!  Come and take your chance at winning some awesome Memphis-made merchandise!

    It's free to play, but we'll happily take all your money in exchange for High Cotton Biere de Garde in the Clubhouse Cantina.

    Wear your lucky socks!  Doors at 9pm.

  • May 11 + May 13 - PLASTIC FUSION!

    May 11 + May 13 - PLASTIC FUSION!


    Hey y'all.  This week at the Clubhouse we're making useful stuff from trash!  

    Plastic grocery bags are an nasty by-product of our 21st century lives of convenience.  Most of us have a plastic bag filled with plastic bags under the sink that we keep meaning to take back to the store to reuse.  Unfortunately I never remember to take them on my midnight romp to the grocery store for cookies and milk.

    Well, we have a huge stock of them at the Clubhouse and this week we're going to teach you how to make them into an awesome fabric that you can use to make something cool...

    Once you've make your fabric you can make yourself a lunch bag, waterproof journal cover, bathtub floaty, wallet, or whatever you can dream up!

  • May 18 + 20 - Felt Monsters!

    May 18 + 20 - Felt Monsters!


    It's fun with googly eyes this week in the Clubhouse...

    That's right - we're making felt monsters this week.  Draw from your favorite story book or deep within your imagination to bring out your mostest friendliest, scariest, cuddliest, or googliest monsters.

    Once you have your basic shape you can add details with hand stitching, contrasting felt colors, bedazzled bits and googly eyes!

    Close her all up and you've got your very own original fuzzy friend.

    Reserve your seat at the table today!

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