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Build a World: Terrariums

Nancy "The Plant Lady" Morrow creates beautiful terrariums that bring the tranquil, relaxing world of nature into your home. 

We're excited to have Nancy join us in the Clubhouse for a special Sunday Workshop to share her love of plants and terrariums. She creates beautiful terrariums that bring the tranquil, relaxing world of nature into your home. 

Nancy is going to show us how to make one of our very own. She will also share some tips on their care and maintenance. We will provide the glassware, rocks, and soil for your terrarium. We will also provide one plant to get your mini-verse started. But don't despair if you are looking for a lush jungle look, Nancy will have some additional plants that are suitable for terrariums on hand for you to purchase.

You must register by July 26 to attend this workshop. 


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  • August 10 - Polymer Clay with Funlola!

    August 10 - Polymer Clay with Funlola!


    Funlola Coker is the master of all things cute and tiny. She's the genius behind the bacon and egg earrings and hamburger rings that you've seen in our store. She creates these tiny foods with her bare hands and polymer clay, aka sculpey or fimo.

    Funlola is going to join us in the Clubhouse for this special one-day-only session to teach us some tricks for working with polymer clay. The cool things about this type of clay is that you can fire it in your oven, it comes in a millions colors, and can be hand painted.

    We're going to learn the art of caning, a technique borrowed from glass artists, (they call it millefiori). The process involves creating a picture that's extruded in a long tube that can be sliced to create a ton of coin shapes that we will use to cover tins.

    Bring an Altoids tin if you have one.

    Reserve your spot now!

  • July 19 - Silk Marbling

    July 19 - Silk Marbling


    Zen and the art of marbling. Remember those beautiful old paper stacks called books? Well the older (and fancier) ones often had marbled edges and inside covers.  We'll be teaching you how to marble your own paper with custom colors and intricate patterns. Once you get the hang of it we'll show you how to create a beautiful marbled piece of silk.

    Reserve your seat today!

  • October 4 - Cement Planters!

    October 4 - Cement Planters!


    Join us in the Clubhouse today for concrete planters! Concrete is the hot new (but old) DIY material. We'll give you some basic tips and tricks to get started using it. We're going to learn how to make and cast a simple mold. We'll show you some different ways to decorate your pot once it's cast. We'll also have some plants and soil on hand for your cool new containers.

    Reserve your seat today!

  • January 16 - Mold Making!

    January 16 - Mold Making!


    In this special, off-day class we will be teaching how to (and helping) make 2 part plaster molds.  

    The goal of this class will be to create molds for the Beeswax candle making Social Club on the 18th and 20th, although when you've got it done you'll be able to mold candles, soap, solid chocolates, all kinds of stuff.

    Space is limited for this special class, and reservations are required for this one.

    Sign up here and reserve your seat a the table!

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