September 5 - Sun Prints!

This week we will be using a fun, low tech photo process, exposing emulsified fabric with our glowing fireball in the sky.  Bring some objects to create your collage - solid objects, lace, leaves, and cut paper shapes are super fun, but a little translucency can be fun too!

September 19 - Gold Leaf Taxidermy!

We love shiny things. We can't think of a better or more creative way than a faux taxidermy plaque covered in gold leaf to show that love. Everyone will get a hollow plastic animal and a wood plaque base to create their trophy. Gold leaf is fairly easy to work with, but we'll show you some tips and tricks for successful use. Feel free to bring your own object for your trophy, just make sure it's hollow plastic.

September 21 - Woodburning Rings

We've been having a lot of fun using our woodburning tools. Join us this week and we'll show you how to use them to create patterns and images on tiny wood rounds for finger rings.



September 26 + 28 - Old Skool Screen Printing!

Ask and you shall receive! Screen printing is the number one project request we get from Social Clubbers so here it is...

We will be learning about the process and ways to replicate it at home without a dark room, light table or press. We will be creating our stencils by hand so bring a black and white image to trace. 

You will get to make 2 prints of your screen so bring a t-shirt or other fabric item to print on! (if you really like our super soft shirts, we'll have some awesome blanks in the Social Club Commissary)

October 24 - Steamroller Printing!

We’re excited to announce our Third Annual Steamroller Printing Event!

We will be hosting cutting parties every Wednesday and Sunday up until the event, so stop in and check on our progress...printmaking is a social art form!

We will be printing the blocks October 23-25. We’ll be hosting a watch party in front of our store on October 24th.

Check out some photos from last year's event...



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