July 26 - Indigo Dye!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

July 26 - Indigo Dye!

Dress down for this one folks, it may get messy!

This week in the clubhouse we're going to be playing with indigo dye! Once called blue gold, this oldest of dyes was a rare luxury. You are all familiar with the synthetic version of the indigo plant that is used to dye our blue jeans. The natural version of the process holds a little bit of funk and a little bit of magic.

We'll explore some resist methods and some techniques borrowed from the japanese tradition of Shibori, to create patterns on our fabric.

We'll provide the dye bath, gloves and pieces of white cotton muslin. Bring your own white fabric or a t-shirt to dye if you'd like. Make sure it is 100% plant or animal fibers (cotton, silk, wool, etc), no synthetics for this one.

Reserve your seat at the table today!

July 27 - Build a World: Terrariums

Sunday, 27 July 2014

July 27 - Build a World: Terrariums


We're excited to have Nancy Morrow of Green Mansions Memphis join us in the Clubhouse for a special Sunday Workshop to share her love of plants and terrariums. She creates beautiful terrariums that bring the tranquil, relaxing world of nature into your home. 

Nancy is going to show us how to make one of our very own. She will also share some tips on their care and maintenance. We will provide the glassware, rocks, and soil for your terrarium. We will also provide one plant to get your mini-verse started. But don't despair if you are looking for that lush jungle look, Nancy will have some additional plants that are suitable for terrariums on hand for you to purchase.

You must preregister by July 25 to attend this workshop. 

July 28 - Wine Bottle Glasses

Monday, 28 July 2014

July 28 - Wine Bottle Glasses


You've heard it on the radio, you've seen it on the TV show, now it's time to do it in real life right here in the Clubhouse!

This week we're making drinking glasses from wine bottles...

We've perfected the method and are ready to teach you - you can expect to leave here with at least one glass, but if you want more than one be sure to bring some with you...

Reserve your spot now!

August 2 - Polymer Clay with Funlola!

Saturday, 02 August 2014

August 2 - Polymer Clay with Funlola!


Funlola Coker is the master of all things cute and tiny. She's the genius behind the bacon and egg earrings and hamburger rings that you've seen in our store. She creates these tiny foods with her bare hands and polymer clay, aka sculpey or fimo.

Funlola is going to join us in the Clubhouse for this special one-day-only session to teach us some tricks for working with polymer clay. The cool things about this type of clay is that you can fire it in your oven, it comes in a millions colors, and can be hand painted.

We're going to learn the art of caning, a technique borrowed from glass artists, (they call it millefiori). The process involves creating a picture that's extruded in a long tube that can be sliced to create a ton of coin shapes that we will use to cover tins.

Bring an Altoids tin if you have one.

August 3 - Intro to Electronics: Soldering

Sunday, 03 August 2014

August 3 - Intro to Electronics: Soldering


Join us for this special Sunday workshop in the Clubhouse. Gino Barzizza of HungryFires Workshop is going to show us how to solder. We'll be creating a LED flasher circuit that we'll insert into a plastic toy. When you're done you'll have an awesome blinking nightlight or a creepy decoration.

Soldering is the basic skill needed for any DIY electronic work. This introduction level class will be the first in a new series of maker workshops. 

Reserve your spot at the table!

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