October 10 - Kaleidoscopes!

This week we're having fun with mirror and tubes!  Join us in the Clubhouse to make your very own Kaleidoscope.

October 12 - Vintage Sketchbooks!

Sketchbooks make up one of the more important aspects of studio practice.  They give us an intermediate home for our ideas between brain and finished piece.  As a Social Clubber, you are often instructed to "first, come up with an image." Armed with a sketchbook, this step becomes much easier, as you've got a cache of images and ideas at the ready.

This Monday in the Clubhouse we're going to upcycle old hardback books. When you're finished your old book will house a brand new sketchbook or journal.We'll learn how to create simple signatures and how to sew them together.

We'll be using a wide variety of papers to fill your books. Feel free to bring your own if you have a favorite type. We will have a cover for each of you, or you can spend some time in the thrift store and bring your own (it must be a hard cover book).


October 19 - Wire Trees

This week we're going to explore the fun you can have with wire. We'll be using simple hand tools to twist and bend wire to create miniature tree sculptures.


October 24 - Steamroller Printing!

We’re excited to announce our Third Annual Steamroller Printing Event!

We will be hosting cutting parties every Wednesday and Sunday up until the event, so stop in and check on our progress...printmaking is a social art form!

We will be printing the blocks October 23-25. We’ll be hosting a watch party in front of our store on October 24th.

Pre-orders of prints are on sale now...
BIRDCAP - Writers Bench

Check out some photos from last year's event...


October 31 - Day of the Dead Retablos!


Celebrate your dead with a tribute in Sculpey and foam core.  Today in the clubhouse we're creating retablos for All Saints Day altars (or that creepy room behind the garage).


Wine Bottle Glasses

It's one of our most popular workshops, and because it keeps selling out before you can get your tickets, we're going to host a whole month of Wine Bottle Wednesdays!  Bring some full bottles and some empty ones and we'll show you how to score, break and polish them into the ultimate upcycled party favor...

We've perfected the method and are ready to teach you - you can expect to leave here with two finished glasses.

November 7 - Make a Monster!

It's fun with googly eyes this week in the Clubhouse...

That's right - we're making felt monsters this week.  Draw from your favorite story book or deep within your imagination to bring out your mostest friendliest, scariest, cuddliest, or googliest monsters.

Once you have your basic shape you can add details with hand stitching, contrasting felt colors, bedazzled bits and googly eyes!

Close her all up and you've got your very own original fuzzy friend.

November 14 - Pompoms and Tassels Hooray!

We're going to learn to make yarn pom-poms and tassels! We'll show you how to use these festive fuzzy balls to create a decorative garland or a fabulous scarf. We'll have yarn for you to play with, but feel free to bring your own special colors if you'd like.

November 21 - Woodburning Ornaments!


This week in the clubhouse we're gonna hone our woodburning skills. This isn't bonfires, but controlled burning to make pictures - on ornament! Our first step will be to create an image or pattern using wood burning tools. We'll finish our designs using wood stains, paints and if you're nice we'll pull out the gold leaf.

You can bring an image for your ornament, or choose from one of ours when you get here. If you want to bring one, keep in mind that you will be 'drawing' your image on your box and they are under 3 inches.

Reserve your seat now! November 22 or November 24

November 22 - Mirror Mosaics!

Join us for a Special Project Sunday! This week we have local artist Mary Jo Karimnia in the Clubhouse to show us how to create with mosaic tile.

She is going to start us off with a little lesson on color theory and then let us loose to choose from her huge collection of colored tiles. We will have mirrors of different shapes and sizes for you to pick from to start your creation.

MJ is going to share a bunch of tips and tricks for creating beautiful and durable mosaic pieces. Your finished project will be approximately 10X12 inches. 



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